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 From January 2010 to january 2013 I worked as a volunteer working webassistent for Arno Fischbacher and his european voice expert network StimmeAT.  



Arno Fischbacher (geb. 1955) Arno Fischbacher is an expert on voice coaching and rhetoric training for consumer services, sales services and management in the whole germanspeaking area. Amongst his clients are high-ranking companies, as well as executives and managers working in the media business.

Arno Fischbacher is CEO of, the European network organisation of voice and vocal experts, and his work has greatly contributed to the general perception of vocal training as an essential factor in business success. His long-term experience as an actor, a presenter and executive manager hast been combined and concentrated to an innovative approach to training. In his workshops and lectures Fischbacher conveys an incredible amount of know-how and motivation - and delivers a number of practice-oriented tips and tools.




DVD neu erschienen:

"Arno Fischbacher: Die Macht der Stimme in Beratung und Therapie". Mitschnitt eines 3-stündigen Praxisworkshops beim Junfermann-Kongress "Selbstmanagement, Coaching und erfolgreiche Kommunikation" vom 10. - 12. Februar 2012 in Paderborn, ca. 181 Min. auf 3 CDs oder 1 DVD, 15,00 Euro.

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Geheimer Verführer Stimme: Erfolgsfaktor Stimme. 77 Antworten zur unbewussten Macht in der Kommunikation



The voice as an insidertip for successful communication. 77Questions and Answers on the unconscious power of communication.

"Why must my voice just trembling now?"
Feels like a seismograph of the soul, the voice tells (almost) everything. Nearly 40 percent of personal impression on others go to the account of the voice.


The book you can order  here




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